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How will a digital menu for tablets help you?

  • Users can access the menu directly from the tablet without having to wait
  • Easy and instant update on the menu can be done
  • Food images, description can be added to guide diners in placing orders
  • Variety of customisations on each food item can be added
  • Collect feedback/reviews to improve your services
  • Offers and discounts can be created and pushed in af few minutes
  • Highlight your food specials or new added items to menu

Steps to publish menu on TV Screen?

  • Login to your dashboard with Voolsy Screen
  • Go under the App Store section
  • Go into the app ‘Digital Menu Ordering’
  • Configure your menu as needed
  • Publish and go live

Why choose Voolsy Screen?

  • It helps you enhance your dining experience

    With the tablet ordering via digital menus, your diners need not wait to get a menu or get more details on a specific item they are interested in through the waiter. All of it can be done from the tablet menu itself. Food images, descriptions, taste and price - all the details needed are available on the menu.

  • Streamline the food ordering process

    The staff at your restaurant can focus on delivering the orders. Diners can directly place the order and the kitchen staff can start preparing them as they come. The part where a waiter needs to be present to take the order is eliminated.

  • Best solution for the price you pay

    With a reasonable price, you get access to this solution using which you can design the menu as you need, create offers, collect feedback and let your staff focus more on delivering orders. This helps you improve your table turnaround time as well.

  • Flexible to adapt to different menu types

    Be it a beverage menu, new offer menu, special day menu or festive menu, all of it can be created and updated as needed. You can customise the entire look of the menu from our solution right from colors, the font type, the font color to the background image.

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