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Modernize Your Classic Donuts Shop by Using Digital Menu Boards

Sweet, delicious, easy to grab and go, available almost everywhere — this is why donuts are loved by Americans so much. Recent data showed that despite the pandemic, 201.02 million people in the ... Read more

January 8, 2021

All Things You Need Know about Using Digital Menu Boards at Your Drive Thru

With 2020 being a year of major changes in our diaries and calendars, drive-thru restaurant digital menu boards seem to have struck the chord with major restaurant brands such as McDonald’s and ... Read more

January 5, 2021

How to Convert Your Restaurant Menu into Interactive Digital Menu with Voolsy Screen

Paper menus are definitely a story of the past. With the onsetting of the Pandemic, they are certainly irrelevant now.  With a variety of new tech solutions surfacing the current needs of custome ... Read more

November 12, 2020

12 Proven ways to Grab Customers While Reopening Restaurant During This Pandemic

Great food, service and ambiance are a must for a restaurant to flourish. With COVID-19, these clauses have certainly updated and are just not enough. With all these things still being there, what wou ... Read more

August 20, 2020

How You can Use Google Slide as Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

If you use Google drive for various purposes often, google slides is not something that you might have missed. And if you are a proud owner of any restaurant, we are about to help you discover ways in ... Read more

March 17, 2020

How to Setup Website Scroll App in Voolsy Screen

We understand how important it is to display your website, feature or the offerings page to let your target audience know what you bring to the table. With the Voolsy Screen Webscroll app, you can dis ... Read more

February 21, 2020

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