Why Does Your Food Truck Deserve a Digital Menu Board?

Setting up a restaurant requires not only a unique concept along with a delicious menu but also a lot of investment. While doing so, one needs to be sure that the investment is worth it and would multiply with time. However, not everyone passionate about food can afford to make such an investment. Food Trucks come into picture here. They are a new and successful trend. They have seen a steady growth in the past decade and are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry.

According to a recent study, starting a food truck business might require an investment of $55,000 on average.The food truck market size surpassed 1.2 billion dollars in 2020.

That said, even food trucks need to find ways to have a smart way to display their menu. Since there is no dining space here, menus need to be more accessible. Digital menu boards come into picture here.

So why are the digital menu boards important for your food truck?

If you own a food truck, there would definitely be a lot of competition. People would not prefer to go for food at your place if they do not realise the beauty of your menu. Clearly, the menu is a first drawing factor to your restaurant until your diners taste the food and love it. Right menu item placement, the right colors and food images are important along with the right display solution for the menu. Digital menu boards fit all the criteria.

Digital Menu boards help you change the menu easily

Menus often need updates and if you are someone who is always uptop with the food items in the menu, the menu might need weekly updates. Paper menus surely don’t make the cut. With the software that you need to manage digital menu boards, one can easily update items or add new ones, change background or edit almost anything for that matter.

Instant offers can be added or if any item is out of stock, it can be removed from the menu as well. A print menu is not flexible at all, is costly and seems like a downturn when compared to digital menu boards.

Digital Menu boards grab much more attention for your food truck

Introduce some smart HTML in your menu boards and with it, you will grab more eyeballs to your menu. Make sure the HTML is something that highlights the best of your menu. Beautiful videos showcasing the food being prepared or highlighting main menu items can be shown. This could create more engagement especially if you often have a queue of people who have to wait to order in the line.

The brightness of the digital menu screens also tends to act as an eye grabbing factor for your audience.

Digital Menu Boards can help you get more profitability

With digital boards, grab a hardware and a reliable software then you are good to go. No reprinting, easy updates and cost saving on the menu prints are the plus points. With local hardware — it makes the screen more resistant to the weather and with a robust software like Voolsy Screen, any kind of content can be easily managed.

By designing the menu the way you need, with the right offers displayed, more orders can be grabbed and profitability can be increased. 

Get the best for your Digital Menu with pre-built templates

Several forward packing and in line with the current market trend services providers like Voolsy Screen offer pre-built menu templates. No one but in hundreds. This gives the food truck owners the ability to change or update the menu as needed with tons of menu templates to choose from. With editing features, these templates can be customised as needed too. The beauty of this is that one need not be a professional designer. Everything can be easily controlled with the canvas editors for the design.

Are you a food truck owner who is on the lookout of a reliable software for their digital menus? You have the right place then. Reach us out at info@voolsyscreen.com to schedule a demo and discuss your needs.

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