How to Setup Instagram App in Voolsy Screen?

congigure instagram wall in retail store
We understand how important Social Media is today to engage your customers and connect with them. Considering this we have Instagram as one of the apps in Voolsy Screen using which you can display wall feeds of your Instagram page on digital signage to keep customers hooked to your place.
Choose a light or dark theme to your liking and display as many images the way you want. It is easy to start and get your feeds rolling.

How to Configure Instagram App in Digital Signage:

1) You can find the integrated Instagram App under the App Store section in the Voolsy Screen Dashboard.

select app store from dropdown

2) Page Creation: Tap on Create Page to start. Enter the name of the page and the theme you wish to have (Theme here refers to the background of color that will appear on the screen behind your wall feeds.)

create page for instagram wall
  • Select the option of the number of photos you wish to display. They can be selected in multiples of 20. If less then 20 photos are selected, then the photos appear on a repeat mode.
setup instagram wall
  • The page layout can be selected in two options: Single and Grid format. In single format, single image feed will appear on the screen while in a grid format, the images will appear in the grid format.
  • In case of Single page format, you need to fill up the option of the time interval between each image in seconds.
  • If you wish to display the image in the same size and shape as clicked, please ensure to keep the ‘Stretch Image to Fill Screen’ as a No. Contrary, if you want the image to fill up the entire image space, keep it as a Yes.
  • The refresh time in minutes represents the time after which you want to feeds page to be refreshed to display newly loaded content.
  • With the option of ‘Show Border in Page’, you have the option of having a border to your images displayed.
  • Fill up the needed options and tap on save to create the page for feed of Instagram.
  • You can preview the page by tapping on ‘Preview’ once the page has been created and make any necessary changes to the display if needed.
instagram wall preview

3) Publishing Page: Under the Playlist section, tap on ‘Create Playlist’. Fill in the needed details to create the Playlist. Tap on ‘Add App’ and select the name of the page created for Instagram. You can also add the page to an already created Playlist.

Under the schedule section, create a new scheduler or add the playlist to an existing scheduler and publish the page to the needed device.

Getting your instagram page the much needed attention is now much easier with this feature and the best part is that it takes only a few minutes get it started. Do let us know if you have any queries or concerns and feel free to reach us at

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