Why Did Big Brands Like McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway Spend Billions of Dollars on Digital Menu Boards?

Menus seem to be a very little and simple part of restaurants the first time we hear about them. They are underrated when it comes to the importance they carry in easing out the dining process. The way food items in a menu are displayed show how food at your restaurant can be perceived.

When you visit a McDonald’s, apart from the delicious customised taste that they offer in everything, the other thing that a user recalls are those huge digital menu boards.

Brands like McDonald’s, Burger King as well as Subway spend billions on menu !! There surely is something important about digital display menu when a major investment goes on them, isn’t it?

McDonald’s announced that it has a $6 billion dollar redesign plan for most of its restaurants in the US. This plan includes self-order kiosks, mobile order and pay for curbside pickup as well as vibrant digital menu boards. The digital screen have already been implemented across 7000 restaurants worldwide. That’s another number that needs your attention!

Another major food chain, Burger King, went on to have digital boards at all of its US locations as a part of a major rebranding rollout  across 6500 stores in a short span of four months!

Subway, a household name will install 21,600 new digital menu boards in outlets across Europe!

In the US alone, 60% of stores have adopted digital TV menu and self-ordering kiosks.

Now that we have established facts, the major question is why did the biggest restaurant companies in the world decide to switch to digital menu display? It is imperative to know and understand why restaurants need to have digital menu boards and how they help in enhancing customer engagement, experience as well as increase overall turnover.

Why did McDonalds go for Digital Menu Boards?

McDonald’s has added digital display menu at both restaurants as well as drive-thrus. There are multiple reasons that led to this decision. Menus that are uploaded and scheduled based on time and day are reflected. Items that act as upsell and the ones that receive most orders can be highlighted based on seasons, local weather as well as traffic patterns. This definitely establishes a new way of connecting with your target customers who form the most loyal group for a brand like McDonald’s.

The positive customer acceptance of digital menu boards is visible at McDonald’s. More order value is observed due to the fact that the menu is created and displayed in a way that customers tend to order for combos or value meals.

So How does Using Digital Menu Boards Benefit to Your Restaurant?

As a restaurant, the first question you would face would be if having digital signage would be worthwhile since brands like McDonald’s, Burger King or Subway can afford to spend in numbers. Rest assured, digital TV menu are not heavy on pockets and are a one time investment. With extensive CMS systems like Voolsy Screen, it costs you less than a dollar per day.

As per the forecasts, digital signage can increase drive-thru sales by up to 8%. Restaurants that have switched to digital menu display have seen a rise in sales by 3-3.5%.

Benefits of the Digital Signage System

Save money and resources on menu printing costs: Menus tend to have a lot of updates.This leads to recurrent printing and a lot of time and resources as well goes into it. With digital menu boards, both the cost as well time are saved.

Display your offers and promotions exclusively: TV screen menu help you to display your offers and items in a way that they grab more eyeballs and are noticed. With that, you tend to benefit more from these offers since more customers go for them.

Pre-schedule the menus and display them as needed: Happy hours, special burger menu,exclusive combos or festive offers, they are all timely and need to be displayed on specific days and time. Digital menu boards offer flexibility such that any of these can be managed with ease.

Easily update menu items in case of non-availability and save embarrassing situations: Though a lot of care is taken to ensure that inventory is all stocked, during rush hours, there are chances that you might go out of stock for a specific item. Before more orders are placed for it, the item can be removed and customer satisfaction can be ensured.

Adding to the above, digital menu boards help to give your restaurant a modern feel and make the dining process much more engaging.

What is Voolsy Screen?

Voolsy Screen is a dynamic cloud-based digital signage solution that helps you display digital content across multiple screens with ease.Within a few seconds of the content upload to our system, it is good to go. Be it restaurants, retailers,hotels, gyms or any business for that matter, Voolsy screen can be of assistance in marketing your services across remotely placed screens.

With the CMS of Voolsy Screen, a single screen can be divided into multiple zones and content for each zone can be displayed as needed. Content can be pre-scheduled or instant updates can be made in a matter of seconds.

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How Can Voolsy Screen Work for Your Restaurant?

With Voolsy Screen, your content is not just limited to images. Videos as well as interactive HTML can as well be displayed as needed or can be scheduled from time to time.

Customers can be offered a variety of things to keep their engagement level at peak while enjoying their dining at your place. Any item that you feel is overstocked like a brownie or plum cake or anything can be offered at discount instantly to clear the stock. TV screens displaying menus can be used to showcase the offer such that impulse orders are placed for it.

Special discounts on certain hours or festive offers can be displayed for users to take benefit of those offers.

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