8 Ways Digital Signage can be put to Right Use in The Cannabis Dispensaries!

The cannabis industry is yet to establish itself in the retail world that we all live in. The very fact that the cannabis industry is volatile and has many legalities surrounding it accounts for the f ... Read more

November 30, 2020

Free Google Slides Templates for Thanksgiving Day

With Thanksgiving approaching in the coming days, everyone would be occupied with many things on mind. Some with vacation plans, some with what to prepare this Thanksgiving dinner and some with the li ... Read more

November 25, 2020

How Adopting QR Code Based Ordering can Work Out to The Best for Your Restaurant?

The restaurant sector is slowly gearing up for a revamp considering the way things work these days due to Pandemic. It’s all about extra caution and super smartness for a restaurant to survive t ... Read more

November 20, 2020

How to Convert Your Restaurant Menu into Interactive Digital Menu with Voolsy Screen

Paper menus are definitely a story of the past. With the onsetting of the Pandemic, they are certainly irrelevant now.  With a variety of new tech solutions surfacing the current needs of custome ... Read more

November 12, 2020

Why is White Label Partnership for Digital Signage Software the Right way to Grow Your Business?

The entire world’s businesses are gradually shifting to tech based solutions that ease out the communication process and make it more interesting. One such mode of communication that is used wid ... Read more

November 5, 2020

Ways your Restaurant can use Affordable Tech to Survive COVID-19 and Beyond

It’s still time when we can say that COVID is behind us. The world is slowly catching up to the new way of living and it becomes paramount to follow the safety parameters to keep COVID at bay. R ... Read more

October 30, 2020

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