Voolsy Screen – Powerful and Dynamic Digital Signage Solution

voolsy screen digital signange solution

Voolsy’s new ideas and thinking have brought Voolsy Screen – Digital Signage solution in the market.

Voolsy Screen is a dynamic and smart digital signage solution for multimedia content which you can display directly at your TV screen. Be it retail, fashion, corporate or entertainment, play your scheduled content with Voolsy Screen easily.

How Voolsy Screen is Different?

Intuitive Console
You can upload your files (JPG, Video Format, HTML) from your system and can play on TV Screen. With Voolsy Screen, you can create a playlist or can play multiple files on the screen in just a jiffy.

Multiple TV Management
Creating multiple displays and managing content played on the screen is quite easy with Voolsy Screen. You can group your display screen and publish the content directly at the same time.

Easy the Promotion with Voolsy Screen

Scheduler –Schedule the content and play repeatedly in the second

Action Status – Check the status of played content or content being played being played on a display

Device Group – View consolidated devices and group them. Promote scheduled content easily

Access & Roles – Assign groups to run the content, so that they can access in a second & grant access as per the roles.

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