9 Creative ways a Hotel Digital Signage can be used in 2022!

Digital signage surely call for one of the biggest sources of taking your customer experience to a better place. Hotels being a part of the hospitality sector have the main job of delivering it. 

A guest’s impression of any hotel is formed in the initial 10 minutes of arrival. That said, signage can be used at the hotels to display welcome or greeting messages, promotional videos or details on several recreational sections of the hotel.

Having the signage in the hotel lobby area is something that is already in the minds of hoteliers. But there are many ways they can be used to take the hospitality factor to the next step.

With this blog, we are listing down some new ways that signage can be used in hotels to create a more hospitable experience for the visitors. 

How you can use Digital Signage in Hotel to Enhance Customer Experience?

1. Display Local Guides

Most of the visitors who come to your hotel are there to explore the city, relax, travel a bit and clear their heads. The first and foremost important thing that can be done for them is display the local tourist attractions that display the opening and closing time along with best modes of travel, the guide agencies that can be contacted for the same and the seasonal best destinations can help you grab a lot of attention via signage.

2. Highlight new amenities

promote hotel amenities on digital signage

A lot of repeat visitors to your city might be visiting your hotel several times now. It would be nice for them to know about the new amenities, be it big or small. You could have a new spa, new swimming or gym area, a library of all places, anything! They need to know and digital signage could be a great place to showcase it. 

3. Display wayfinding guide

hotel wayfinder template for digital signage

If your hotel is spread across a vast area or has multiple wings, it is always good to display a wayfinding guide to different sections of the hotel in a way that it gets easier for the visitors to navigate through your hotel easily. 

A signage at each section of the hotel displaying more details and amenities about the place can also be more engaging.

4. Use Digital Menu Boards

This could definitely make the dining experience at your hotel restaurant much more impressive. You could either go for a digital menu for your TV or have tablets with your menu items such that diners can place orders directly or access the menu easily without much help from the waiter. 

Signature menus or festive menus can be highlighted to gain more orders from these menus. The best part is you can update the menu items any day without much haste.

5. Put out emergency messages

hotel emergency alert on tv signage

Any uncertainty be it fire, power-cut or any accident, they need to be informed to the guests and the best way to do that is via digital signages. Since they are not static billboards, they grab more attention and with the right sound, everyone can be informed about the situation urgently. 

The best thing your hotel staff can do is create templates of such situations well in advance so they can use it right when an emergency comes up.

6. Can act as a digital concierge 

A digital concierge is like a personal concierge that will help you redefine your entire stay at the hotel and make it more seamless. With a digital concierge, you can help your guests to control their entire stay experience right from the bookings, to the check-in/check-out times, details on the weather forecast or the flight details. Anything your guest needs, a digital concierge can almost instantly help you with it. By displaying kiosks with the needed information, the guest experience can be improved.

A digital concierge can help you take your customer experience to a higher end and also save a lot on the cost of human resources. 

7. Use the signage for weddings, conferences or other social events

book your banquet promotion on hotel tv screen display

This is an obvious one but hey, a lot of hotels take time to have them at their place or rethink if it would be wise to have them. Well, go for one single screen and see how effective they can be. 

Signage can be used to welcome guests at weddings or display videos on the groom and the bride, they can be used at the conferences to welcome new clients, showcase new product launches or the conference highlights at the hotel. 

8. Showcase your wall art

You can go on to create a really eye-catching feel to your hotel entrance by displaying amazing wall art on different tvs arranged in a format to create some amazing view. 

The best part about this setup is that it is completely flexible. Different designs can be used to display with the timings of the day. All the staff would need to do is upload the relevant images, group the devices and push the content. 

9. Mark VIP services 

promote special vip service on signage

If you are offering certain VIP services that your visitors might like to go for like baby daycare services, pet daycare services, special needs on breakfasts, lunch or dinner or an emergency medication service. 

All these VIP services can be listed down on the signage along with the charges so if visitors are planning to have it, they can go for it almost instantly. 

If you are looking for multifaceted ways to have digital signage used at your hotels, Voolsy Screen could be a great fit. Everything stays in your control and you can use it to display any kind of information that you need. Reach us out today for a quick demo on info@voolsyscreen.com and get your queries answered or you can try our 7 day Free Trial

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