White Label Digital Signage: Easiest way to Grow Your Business.

It goes without saying that technology is making a statement in every field as days are passing. Replacing our age-old methods and techniques to a much better alternative, it has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. That said, one segment that we are going to touch upon today are Digital Signage.

Almost every industry is gradually pacing up to replacing the paper stands and manual communication processes with Digital Signage Solution. If you are in any business that delivers signage to its clients, you might as well want to offer a software solution that completes the range of services that you offer.

The easiest and simplest way to achieve the same is not by attempting to develop a software from scratch (though you can go for it at your will!), you can always partner with an enterprise that already has such a solution and white label it.

The White Label Solution will save you time, resources and finances.

What is a White Label Solution?
Presenting or selling an already built solution/product of another enterprise to your existing or new clients with your own brand identity is called White Labelling in layman terms. The technicalities of its holding completely depend on the set agreement between the two parties involved.

White label solutions have gained quite a popularity in the past decades. Coming back to signage, you could be a digital signage hardware manufacturer, a restaurant consultant or a POS Solution provider for that matter. Adding digital signage software solution to your current portfolio of services is going to fill up an impending need.

A digital signage software is a solution using which one can easily manage the content on multiple remotely placed digital screens easily without having to be physically present at the location. This saves countable efforts of your client’s marketing and communication team.

How white label digital signage help in your business growth?

white label digital signage
Thinking about it? Here are the most basic advantages of using a White-Label solution.

1. Bridge the gap between client’s needs and your business: Every client wants their needs to be reliably taken care of. To take the business relationship with your existing clients a step further you can add a white labelled digital signage software to your portfolio.

If they are using multiple digital screens, a software solution is an appreciated service to them. Taking care of their needs helps you establish a firm and long-term partnership with your clients.

2. Earn more and define your pricing with freedom: White label partnerships tend to offer you complete freedom to sell the labelled solution at the price that works well for your business and clients.

The payment terms as well can be defined the way that suit you best. Since you are presenting the product as your own, it sets off more reliability as well.

3. No Vendor Lock-in: With the white label partnership, you are free to rename the solution that works well with your brand. Branding is as important as the solution itself, and it will open the gates of establishing your presence as a noteworthy partner in that domain too.

With your brand name, you are completely free to present it as needed with no vendor lock-in.

4. Enhance your Company Profile: Including a branded digital signage platform in your portfolio will strengthen your corporate profile and significantly improve your relationship with existing clients.
Reversing the scenario, new clients on lookout for a digital signage software might sign up with you and may end up going for other related services that you offer.

5. One-stop solution to your client’s needs: Your clients will not have to go to another vendor to employ their digital signage software solution since you are already offering one.
With this, you will act as an entity taking most of the digital signage handling needs of your clients.

Things to take care while choosing your White Label Partner?

Security: It is crucial to have a partner who goes with a well-documented approach that defines and meets all the peripheries of the partnership so much that you have a resolution in hand in case of security vulnerabilities.

Scalability: Any solution that you decide to opt for has to be scalable and this goes without saying. Scalability could mean adding new features or more digital signage. The part where your clients wants to scale things up and how to go with the part when more signage come in picture must be defined.

Reliability: Make sure that the solution you opted to partner for is robust. Your partnered vendor would be offering provided training on how to go about the solution however there might be instances where you still need them to guide you. Ensure that the set vendor is reliable and approachable at instance when the need arises.

Partnership Experience: The vendor you are partnering with needs to know how the set relationship works and that it’s a two-way street. It is equally important to ensure that they have previous experience in working with professionals in your same field.

So, what do we conclude here?

If you are completely convinced that the vendor as well as the solution that they are offering is something that will add value to your business, the white label partnership can turn out to be a fruitful venture. Risks are involved in any business, but the outcomes can be beneficial with the right planning and implementation.

White Label partnerships offer more flexibility compared to the risks they have. We, as Voolsy Screen, have ventured into many white label partnerships for our Digital Signage solution. From what our clients say, they are happy and satisfied to have partnered with us.

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