advance digital signage scheduler

Comprehensive & Powerful


intuitive console to manage content

Intuitive Console to manage content

  • Upload your custom designs in the form of images, videos or custom HTML
  • Create playlists of custom designs which you want to display on multiple screens
  • Create scheduler with multiple playlists and define the time you want it to play
  • Plan and Schedule daily, future as well as playlists for special events. Let them play in loop

Manage multiple TVs from a single dashboard

  • Publish design to your TV instantly
  • Keep a track of what is being displayed on the TV
  • Group multiple TVs and push content at the same time
manage multiple tvs



  • Library contains images, videos bunched in at one place
  • Simply map the frequently used media files from library in multiple designs
  • Write text on your media files to make the design more intuituve and user friendly


  • View and select from the list of schedules, to publish to TVs
  • Create multiple schedulers within a schedule for special as well as day to day events
  • Single schedule can play multiple designs at different time of a day or a week
  • Publish schedule to multiple devices/groups with a single click


  • You have regular schedulers to set the content for the whole week which will play repeatedly
  • Add event schedulers to organize content for special or festive offers for defined time period
  • You want your content to change from midnight. We allow you to future schedule the content using our calendar feature

Device Group

  • You can view the consolidated list that displays devices in each group
  • Group your devices which could have same schedule in one
  • Publish schedule to device group to push the same media to hundreds of devices

Action Status

  • Get handy list on status of schedule that gets published to devices
  • Ability to check if the schedule is downloaded or not
  • Promptly check which event is being played in a remote device

Access & Roles

  • Users can be assigned devices and groups to which they have access to
  • Delegate work by providing user access to different modules of the setup console
  • Grant role based access as per the responsibilities of the users

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