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Voolsy Screen works with hardware that can be procured with ease. If you own an Android TV, you need not procure any additional hardware. If you own a normal TV, you can either go for Amazon Firestick or Android Box to connect with the TV.

Supported Media Players

amazon firestick for digital signage

Amazon Fire Stick Lite

Again, a product by Amazon, this product as well can be gone for easily. Available online or from any hardware store, this firestick is cost effective and can last long if used right.


Cost effective

Great performance

Easy to use and setup

Easily accessible


Limited storage

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android box for signage screen

Android Box

Much like a Firestick, Android Box works the same way. An Android product, you can expect quality and durability from this product easily.



Easy to procure

Quick to set up

Works with any TV



Slower compared to Firestick

Less frequent firmware updates

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android tv to run signage software

Android TV:

Developed by Google, the working and stability of this device is not questionable. If you are looking for a sturdy and long term hardware that will last for years, go for it without a second thought.


Great performance

Lasts long term

Easy to set up

Does not need additional hardware


A bit high on price

Less firmware updates

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android tablet for digital menu

Android Tablet

If you are looking to offer a fine-dining experience to your customers, go for tablets and offer interactive menus. Again, you can go on to choose the tablets of the size and type that you need.


Offer great customer experience

Durable and Sturdy


Great performance


Higher on cost

Can be used only for specific purposes

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