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Boost corporate communication process

Keep offices updated, engaged & maintain consistency

Digital signages are proven to be the best way to keep your employees informed with the latest communication. Use digital signages in your corporate to let your employees know about vision, mission or motivate them with your latest achievements. The flexibility of anything being displayed on the screen takes it a step further in the communication process.

Replace bulletin boards, paper menus in cafeteria, display sales figures and product metrics with Corporate Digital Signage. Welcome an employee or a prospect client with Voolsy Screen digital signage to make their time at your office premises memorable.

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Do more than just communication!

It's often not the part of sending a message but how you send it that is accountable! Imagine sending an important announcement like your organization completing its 25 years or a core employee being promoted to a higher position or recognizing a noteworthy achievement of an employee. While the main idea would be to make this memorable, the tough catch is how to get that done.

Take the advantage of digital signage to display the message of joyous celebration at the same time on all the screens across the office premises to get a wave of enthusiastic reaction from employees.

The best part of Digital Signages is that they offer flexibility of displaying anything be it videos, HTML or images.

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Small Cost, Big Benefits

Voolsy Screen Corporate digital signage replaces the printing cost of any corporate promotion while getting the right messages at the right time across multiple screens.

Voolsy Screen is affordable, easy to setup and can be started to be used in both internal and external communication.

It helps to achieve effective communication in real time be it policy changes, CSR activities or community involvement.

Are you looking for?

Effective Communication

Schedule important announcement in advance to make sure that displays at the right time.

Establish culture

Communicate through Digital Signage and establish an effective behavioral pattern among employees.

Streamline processes

Simplify the process of passing corporate information to visitors and employees effectively.

Increase engagement

Display appealing and effective visuals to increase engagement of employees through Digital Signage.

How Voolsy Screen Can Help!

1 Design content that fits your corporate brand and identity alongside boost stand for your company mission statement and values

2 Communicate key information and announcements in an appealing way

3 Save time, cost and efforts on manual processes and digitize the entire stream of communication process

4 Establish a connection between offices across multiple locations to get a shared culture

One Solution, multiple uses!

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Graphics and Video

Upload unlimited HD images, videos or images to make important announcements like employee of the month, their anniversary or any event.

RSS News Feeds

Keep your respective team informed with news headlines pertaining to their department so they can stay updated on the current happenings.

Social Media Wall

Show feeds of your Social Media page on Digital screens and keep employees excited by posting celebration photos or about happenings in the office.

Why Voolsy Screen?

Voolsy Screen digital signage comes with multiple use cases. It is the most flexible, advanced and affordable solution. Here are some of the features:

  • Multiple screens spread across different floor or locations across can be managed remotely from a single platform.
  • Every type of content ranging from images, videos or interactive HTML can be displayed.
  • Real time updates can be made and they are instantly reflected onto devices as soon as the update is done.
  • Schedule content as per need well in advance to avoid any uncertain mishaps.
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Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for Voolsy Screen and make things smoother for you!

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