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digital menu board

Create eye-catchy digital menu boards for your restaurant. With our easy-to-edit hundreds of templates, you can choose and modify to your liking.

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Digital Menu board solutions

Scale up your promotion to aware your audience through digital signage system. Manage your restaurant menu items behind the scene and present mouth-watering food images, happy hours deals and ongoing event at the big screen seamlessly with Voolsy Screen.

Eye-Catching Digital Menu Board Templates

With web console of Voolsy Screen, you will get latest trendy and eye-catchy digital restaurant board templates. Just select one of your choice and start editing the pricing, menu item names, delicious food images and publish to your TV screen.

If you need any design for your brand then our professional team of design experts is here to help you.

We keep adding more and more templates from our side every month. They are segregated into different categories for easy navigation.

digital menu board templates
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Industries we serve!

Our digital menu board template editor is flexible enough to work with any kind of dining area that forms a part of the hospitality sector in general. We have segregated the templates as well based on several categories for our users to choose from.

There are some templates that are followed only for certain kind of dining areas and are identified with that particular type. You can find those templates as well in our editor. The better part is you have all the freedom to tweak them like you need and create something that you are looking for.

We have tons of templates for different restaurant industries:

  • Pizza
  • Chicken Wings
  • Bagels
  • Beef
  • Burger
  • Donuts
  • Ice Cream
  • Coffee
  • Drive Thru
restaurant tv screen menu template

Easy to Edit and Schedule Digital Signage Menu Boards

Using Voolsy Screen you can easily edit digital menu board - the item names, price and short description. Have different menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner or on Sunday night? Don't worry since with digital menu screen you can manage it easily. Just select a template and schedule it according to your wish. Our drag and drop dynamic scheduler makes it possible to make instant updates in a minute of time.

Easy plug-n-play solution

Quick updates or edits

Free 100+ customizable templates

Numerous formatting options

Works with Amazon Firestick and all android devices

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digital menu board templates

Tons of stock images

Hiring a professional photographer for food images to be used for all your menu design needs might not be the most viable option for everyone. We have given good quality and useful stock images all divided into several categories. 

Simply pick any of these and you can go on to create an amazing template of your own. Please note you also have the freedom to use your own food images if need be:

  • Food 
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Vector
  • Decoration
  • Icons 
  • Text
  • Real photographs

Key benefits

1 Select from numerous pre-defined templates designed as per industry standards.

2 Edit the templates easily as per your need in a matter of minutes

3 Create a new template altogether and save it for future use.

4 Use pre-filled enticing food images to create a eye-grabbing look

5 Customise almost anything to your liking and that too very easily.


Thousands of Templates

With our pre-built templates, you can simply select any one to your liking and modify it as per your need. The content can be beautified as needed easily by modifying the templates as need be.

Customize Font Style

This is a feature that will definitely take the look of your menu to another level. You can easily change the way you want your fonts to look at that too with no coding. Simple formatting from the options available and you are good to go.

Change Icon Color

You can easily manage change in the color of your icon as well to match the menu. With the icon editor, you can edit colors as needed without much of an effort.

Drag and Drop Images

Create your own menu with our fabulous drag and drop feature. The beauty of this system is that you can select from thousands of food images as well as resize them and use them in your menu to create the look and feel you need.

List of Shape to
Beautify your template

We also offer a list of beautiful shapes that can be used inside your menu to beautify your menu design. Shapes like that of Chocolate splashes, food decors, food ingredients, mints leaves etc are available to enrich digital menu boards.

Change Background Color/Image

Either you can put a customised hazed out photo in the background or you can choose a background color that goes well with your restaurant look to give a modern look to your digital menu board easily.

30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for Voolsy Screen and make things smoother for you!

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Digital Menu Board FAQs

what is digital menu board?

When paper menus are displayed in a digital format on TV screens across your cafe, restaurant or dining area, it is termed as a digital menu board. Digital menu boards can be used for several purposes like playing videos on your restaurant, showcasing promotional offers or highlighting best items in your menu.

Do you have menu board templates?

Yes, we have menu board templates that you can customise or update as needed and use directly.

Will I charge extra for using templates?

No, we do not charge any extra amount for using templates. Once you have secured your subscription with us, you are free to use these templates as you need.

What are the benefits of digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards are an economical replacement to the paper menus. Besides, they are easy to update and tend to grab more attention. Eye-pleasing content can be displayed and can be spontaneoulsy changed. Promotions can be easily bought to notice with digital menu boards. Errors can be easily rectified too.

How to create digital menu boards?

It is always advisable to employ a cloud based software using which all the digital screens can be managed. If you have multiple screens, this turns out to be the best solution. Same content can be pushed to multiple devices using a cloud based digital signage software solution. Menu updates can also be made easily. Simply upload the menu image/design, schedule it and play.

How do digital menu boards work?

The traditional method of pushing content on digital menu boards is through pen drives. Today, with the cloud based softwares that are available for the menu updates, one can easily upload the images of menus that can be displayed on the digital screens. Prices or items can be updated instantly as well. The content once pushed on TV screens keeps playing in the loop.

What are the hardware requirements for digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards can work on any TV screen. Additional hardware like Amazon Firestick or Android box needs to be employeed. If you have Android TV then you can directly install software to run Digital menu boards.

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