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Engage your customer with beautiful and stunning tablet menu with food images and enrich their dine-out experience

Interact with customers through our digital menu

Display the right content at the right screen on the right time. Help your customers to decide what to eat without having to take any help from managers. Create a menu that is informative and engaging. Our cloud based digital menu system makes it so easy to manage and share content on the time schedule.

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A great meal starts with the menu

Menu is the first point of contact with the restaurant for any diner. Appetizing visuals and descriptions make it easier for your diners to decide what they are looking to have. One can highlight special dishes of the menu or even the recommended items to prompt customers to try new dishes.

great meal starts with digital menu
easy to create a digital menu

Create a digital menu in minutes or make instant updates

Our user-friendly and easy-to-understand web console makes it easy and quick to create digital tablet menu in no time at all. You can customize your electronic display menu anytime and push it instantly across multiple devices in a matter of minutes.

Are you looking for?

Increase Earnings

Increase your average bill value by displaying the mouthwatering images and descriptions of all the dishes in your menu.

Quick Service

Informative menu helps customers to order quickly which directly leads to quicker table turnaround and faster service.

Promote Offers

Update new offers easily with Digital menus. Schedule them well in advance to avoid uncertain delays or other issues.

Better Experience

Offer diners menu with food images & description along with unique interactive experience to help them dine better.

How Voolsy Screen Can Help!

1 Share real time or on event menu

2 Capture customer attention instantly

3 Make your restaurant stand out from other outlets

4 Create positive impression about your brand and increase sales

One Solution, multiple uses!

restaurant food images on tablet digital signage interactive restaurant menu digital signage

Promote Brand

Stand out your brand from competitors. Make your restaurant food menu visible directly at tablets put up on every table inspite of handy menu.


Create customized menu page for your screen. Schedule or display live menu in HTML format to engage your customer to make them more interested in your menu.

Why Voolsy Screen?

Voolsy Screen is a one stop solution for all the Digital Menu needs. The web console is simple, quick and easy to use. In-built templates can be used or images, PDFs or HTMLs can be uploaded. Our clients prefer us because we offer:

  • Ability to create interactive menus
  • Working in offline Mode
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Reduces the need of wait staff
  • Cost-effective and user friendly
why voolsy screen in digital menu
30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for Voolsy Screen and make things smoother for you!

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