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Nurture a well-built community of members and followers by communicating with Digital Signage

An easy solution with multiple uses

Digital signage at churches make the information more accessible. One can play the hymns or spread the word on weekly activities easily using Digital Signage. With Voolsy Screen, one can easily upload the content, schedule and play it as needed. A single screen or multiple screens can be managed using Voolsy Screen easily in no time.

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Effective and Modernized Church facilities at less cost

While manual methods are used in Churches to make announcements or promote events, Digital signage are a onetime investment that help saving time on several things and help increase the reach across masses.

Not only can Digital Signage be used to manage multiple things like Church events, make important church announcements or welcome new members. Moreover, these things can be scheduled easily so last-minute hassles are avoided.

With Digital signage being a modernized way to reach out, it attracts younger generation too.

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christmas announcement on digital signage

Maximize religious feel and impact at churches with Digital Signage

People come together at church and seek solace, peace and comfort in the presence of Almighty. Digital Signage help enhance the worship experience. Digital signage offer versatility with the way they are used.

Different ways in which digital signage can be used are:

  • Broadcast the sermon live
  • Increase participation by constantly broadcasting the time and date of services
  • Important church announcements and events can be displayed
  • Volunteer or fund raiser announcements can be made

Are you looking for?

Raise funds

Digital Signage are a good way to reaching masses wherein activities like raising funds can be initiated and impactful results can be achieved.

Reducing costs!

Publishing and distributing paper pamphlets, maintaining bulletin boards can replaced with Digital signage that can serve multiple purposes and thus reduce costs.

Effective communication!

Digital signage can help communicate almost anything be it vision/mission statement, arrival or new members or schedules on events.

Volunteer participation

Digital signage prove to be very effective in raising volunteer participation since their reach is more. This especially creates more impact on young generation to participate more.

How Voolsy Screen Can Help!

1 Quickly and easily update information

2 Attract younger participants

3 Reach masses with less efforts

4 Establish strong community to increase harmony

5 Reduce costs associated with printing

6 Keep members informed

One Solution, multiple uses!

promote event on digital display church wayfinding on tv screen fundraising announcement on digital signage


Promote upcoming events, fundraiser activities and volunteer activities to increase attendance and community participation.


Display wayfinding assistance and digital directories to assist visitors find their way through church premises.

Social Media

Market fundraising activities and events by displaying social media feed on Digital Signage.

Why Voolsy Screen?

The statement that Voolsy Screen offers a simple and intuitive dashboard to make things live seems universal but is true too. Our clients prefer to use our system because:

  • Easy to update and adjust content daily, weekly, quarterly or monthly basis.
  • Multiple devices managed from a single location.
  • Event based schedular eliminates the need for real-time management.
  • The system helps to save on costs.
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Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for Voolsy Screen and make things smoother for you!

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