healthcare digital signage

Healthcare Digital Signage

Communicate with patients, visitors and staff by showing directories, health tips and news with Hospital Digital Signage

Easy to communicate with staff, patients and visitors

Promote wellness & keep patients up-to-date with easy-to-use hospital digital signage. With Healthcare Digital Signage using Voolsy Screen, the visitors can be guided about the visiting hours, way-finding directory to the hospital or healthcare center and about the respective location of doctors. The staff can be reminded about the classes of outpatients as well as policies.

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Save operational cost and establish effective processes

Healthcare digital signage brings noteworthy improvements in patient care operations, staff management, and other operational processes. It ensures patients and staff are receiving accurate information when and where they need it most.

Since the updates to the system become easy, costs are saved and better processes like visitor engagement, experiences and reduce waiting time are implemented.

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Building Connected Facilities

Building Connected Facilities

A healthcare digital signage will help you connect multiple screens located in lobbies, waiting areas, cafeterias, hallways, staff rooms and patient rooms. With the connected screens, effective communication is established, and a connected network of staff, patients and visitors is created.

Healthcare facilities can use our solutions to build digital signage networks with:

  • Interactive wayfinding screens & building directories to help patients and visitors through the entire hospital area
  • Digital menu boards in the cafeteria
  • Emergency alerts and safety instructions can be displayed to be of assistance in case of any mishaps

Are you looking for?

Promote Environment

Promote a lively and healthy environment for your patients and healthcare providers?

Improve Experience

Lower wait time and increase positive patient experiences so they are less stressed?

Wayfinding Assistance

Help patients, visitors with wayfinding when visiting your healthcare facility?

Provide Information

Vital informational and motivational content to patients and additional support personnel?

How Voolsy Screen Can Help!

1 Establish better communication between doctors, staff and visitors

2 Enhance the visitor experience and quality of services provided

3 Reduce operational costs and increase efficiency

4 Offer wayfinding assistance in case of large hospital campus

5 Promote new or upcoming services easily

One Solution, multiple uses!

rss news feeds directory graphics and video

Graphics & Video

Upload videos of happy customers satisfied with your healthcare services, display new services introduced or anything for that matter that serves your purpose.

Wayfinding Guidance

With having multiple floors serving different purposes, a wayfinding guide tool acts best for the patients and visitors so they are not lost especially when they are too stressed.

Social Media Feed

Promote new services or comments that patients give on your Social Media pages by displaying the same through Digital Signage.

Why Voolsy Screen?

The intuitive dashboard of Voolsy Screen helps the hospital campus admin to manage the updates on multiple screens from a single place. Our clients prefer to use our system because:

  • Establish real-time interaction with patients, visitors and staff
  • Remotely manage multiple screens, content, playlists and playback schedules from a single platform
  • Group devices across floors segregated based on the kind of healthcare service being offered
  • Easily streamline a network between Doctors, staff, patients and visitors
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30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens require more timing to manage. Go for Voolsy Screen and make things smoother for you!

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