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retail digital signage

Enrich your customer's in-store experience by bringing enhanced visual display into your retail stores

All in one Digital Signage for Retail

With Voolsy screen as a Digital signage solution, one can play list of slides, images or videos of your brand. It is easy to mix and match videos or images, schedule different promotions according to days or share your social media feeds of loyal customers. Voolsy Screen lets you manage all the things with a centralized system across multiple screens at remotely placed stores.

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Promote season specials and fresh arrivals

Seasoned clothing is one of the major reasons why customers decide to shop. Digital signage promoting new arrivals for the seasons or displaying seasonal offers may prompt them to make unplanned purchases. Pre-season offers or events can be exhibited over signage to bring in more crowd. The quick plug and play solution makes it easy to make instant updates to signage in no time.

promote season specials and fresh arrivals
sell more with digital signage

Deliver experience and drive more purchases

Digital signage offer ample of opportunities to market and promote your brand. With the right content and timing, one can create and deliver experiences that create a memorable shopping journey for customer. These experience prompt them to visit to store again. With Digital Signage one can:

  • Bring forth the uniqueness of your brand and its offerings
  • Highlight exclusive offers
  • Promote upcoming events or contests
  • Engage loyal customers by displaying their feedback
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Are you looking for?

Loyal Customers

Deliver a customer experience to help create impactful brand awareness and lasting loyalty.

Brand Recognition

Build brand recognition image through relatable and common content across multiple stores.

Scalable Solution

Develop a network of digital signage that is scalable, stable and flexible to your store needs.

Effective Marketing

Set your marketing strategies right by providing vital promotions at right time and place.

How Voolsy Screen can help!

1 Share real time promotional offers and new products into the store

2 Capture shopper's attention instantly

3 Make your store viral online through social media

4 Create positive impression about your brand and increase sales

One Solution, multiple uses!

brand experiences with digital signage html5 digital signage social media feeds on digital signage

Promote Brand

Introduce special offer or new product directly at your screen. You can share people using the product in high resolution images or videos.


Create your custom webpage content for your screen. Schedule or display live HTML content to engage your audience to make them more interested in your store.

Social Media

Get filtered feed your social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. Make customer share your store experience online. You can moderate post and control it from any computer worry free.

Why Voolsy Screen?

Voolsy Screen is simple to use, easy to manage and access from anywhere. The system can be setup in a matter of seconds. Our customers prefer us because:

  • Our system offers easy control over multiple devices from a central location.
  • Flexible and easy to adapt to changing marketing strategies in retail.
  • We have a scheduling tool that lets one create regular or event-based schedulers as needed.
  • The system works on offline mode once the content is downloaded and stored in the system.
  • We are a cost-effective and reliable solution with solid support team.
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30 plus screen

Got more screen for display?

More screens brings more timing to manage. Do not need to worry, beacuse we are here to help you make things smoother for you!

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